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Volume 32 , Number 2 , February  2019

Chemical Engineering    
F. Ahmadi,
A. A. L. Zinatizadeh,
A. Asadi and
H. Younesi
Influence of different culture selection methods on the polyhydroxyalkonate (PHA) production at short-term biomass enrichment Article in Press
184 - 190
Chemical Engineering    
H. Ghafouri Taleghani,
F. Darvishalipour,
M. Ghorbani and
H. Salimi-Kenari
Fabrication of nanoporous functionalized hydroxyapatite as high performance adsorbent for acid blue 25 dye removal Article in Press
191 - 197
R. Davarnejad and
V. Jamshidi
Prediction of solubility of β-carotene as a component in a multicomponent system in high-pressure carbon dioxide Article in Press
198 - 204
H. Heydarzadeh,
S. Gilani,
M. Farrokhi,
Seyed Mohammad Mahdi Nouri and
G. Karimi
Textural and Structural Characterizations of Mesoporous Chitosan Beads for Immobilization of Alpha-Amylase: Diffusivity and Sustainability of Biocatalyst Article in Press
205 - 211
Civil Engineering    
nabaa A. Alsultan and
S. Khassaf
Experimental study for protection of piers against local scour using slots Article in Press
212 - 218
S vincent Jebadurai,
T. D and
C. F. Christy
Enhancing Performance of Infill Masonry With Skin reinforcement Subjected To Cyclic Load Article in Press
219 - 225
Electrical Engineering    
A. Ranjbar,
Z. Rahmani and
A. Ahifar
Finite time terminal synergetic controller for nonlinear helicopter model Article in Press
226 - 232
M. Pirzadeh and
A.R. Toloei
Design of Generalized Predictive Control for the Stabilizing Loop from a two-axis Gimbal Seeker, Considering Cross-Coupling in Between two Channels Article in Press
233 - 239
M. Gholami
Islanding Detection Method of Distributed Generation Based on Wavenet Article in Press
240 - 246
F. Azari,
H. Hassanpour and
S. Asadi
Adaptive Image Dehazing via Improving Dark Channel Prior Article in Press
247 - 253
M. Sahebjam,
M. B. Bannae Sharifin,
M. Reza Feyzi and
M. Sabahi
Novel Unified Control method of IM and PMSM Article in Press
254 - 260
R. Gholipour and
M. M. Fateh
Designing a Robust Control Scheme for Robotic Systems with an Adaptive Observer Article in Press
261 - 267
Mechanical Engineering    
J. Fabregas,
A. Martinez and
J. Unfried
A Coupled Rigid-Viscoplastic Numerical Modeling For Effects Of Shoulder Geometry On Process Parameters And Thermal History Of Friction Stir Welding In Aluminum Alloys Article in Press
268 - 274
S. Jafarmadar,
M. Amirabedi,
S. Khalil Arya and
J. Kheyrollahi
Experimental comparison the effect of Mn2O3 and Co3O4 nano additives on the performance and emission of SI gasoline fueled with mixture of ethanol and gasoline Article in Press
275 - 281
S. Ebinezer,
A. K. Pramanick and
KP Ramachandran
282 - 288

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