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1 OMS-18-832 Structure-property interaction in flux assisted TIG welding of austenitic stainless steel Gurveen SINGH, Dinesh K. Shukla January 03, 2019  
2 OMS-18-1612 Hopper wall simulation in ANSYS to determine displacement due to single ball impact Mehdi Akhondizadeh, Gita Yousefi, Majid Fooladi Mahani January 03, 2019  
3 OMS-18-1676 A Coupled Rigid-Viscoplastic Numerical Modeling For Effects Of Shoulder Geometry On Process Parameters And Thermal History Of Friction Stir Welding In Aluminum Alloys Jonathan Fabregas, Arnold Martinez, Jimy Unfried January 03, 2019  
4 OMS-18-1679 Finite time terminal synergetic controller for nonlinear helicopter model Abolfazl Ranjbar, Zahra Rahmani, Azadeh Ahifar January 03, 2019  
5 OMS-18-1682 WINDOW AIR CONDITIONER WITH ORTHODOX REFRIGERANTS Selvapandian Ebinezer, Achintya Kumar Pramanick, KP Ramachandran January 03, 2019  
6 OMS-18-1756 Voltage regulation of a negative output Luo converter using PD-PI type sliding mode current controller Alireza Goudarzian, Adel Khosravi January 03, 2019  
7 OMS-18-1713 Prediction of solubility of β-carotene as a component in a multicomponent system in high-pressure carbon dioxide Reza Davarnejad, Vahid Jamshidi January 03, 2019  
8 OMS-18-1811 Fabrication of nanoporous functionalized hydroxyapatite as high performance adsorbent for acid blue 25 dye removal Hamidreza Ghafouri Taleghani, Fatemeh Darvishalipour, Mohsen Ghorbani, Hameds Salimi-Kenari January 03, 2019  
9 OMS-18-1842 Experimental study for protection of piers against local scour using slots Nabaa Alsultan, Saleh Khassaf January 03, 2019  
10 OMS-18-1874 Designing a Robust Control Scheme for Robotic Systems with an Adaptive Observer Reza Gholipour, Mohammad Mehdi Fateh January 03, 2019  
11 OMS-18-1835 Design of Generalized Predictive Control for the Stabilizing Loop from a two-axis Gimbal Seeker, Considering Cross-Coupling in Between two Channels Meisam Pirzadeh, A.R. Toloei January 03, 2019  
12 OMS-18-1833 Mechanical Strength Improvement of Mud Motorsís Elastomer by Nano Clay and Prediction the Working Life via Strain Energy Mehrdad Izadi, Mohammad Tabatabaee Ghomi January 03, 2019  
13 OMS-18-1836 Textural and Structural Characterizations of Mesoporous Chitosan Beads for Immobilization of Alpha-Amylase: Diffusivity and Sustainability of Biocatalyst Hamid Heydarzadeh, Saeedeh Gilani, Mahmoud Farrokhi, Seyed Mohammad Mahdi Nouri, Gholamreza Karimi January 03, 2019  
14 OMS-18-1857 Performance analysis of a novel three-phase axial flux switching permanent magnet generator with overlapping concentrated winding Hani Fekri, Mohammad Ali Shamsi Nejad, Seyyed HashemiNejad January 03, 2019  
15 OMS-18-1839 Quaternion-based Finite-time Sliding Mode Controller Design for Attitude Tracking of a Rigid Spacecraft during High-thrust Orbital Maneuver in the Presence of Disturbance Torques A.R. Toloei, Hooman Asgari January 03, 2019  
16 OMS-18-1875 Novel Unified Control method of IM and PMSM Mehdi Sahebjam, Mohammad Bagher Bannae Sharifin, M. Reza Feyzi, Mehran Sabahi January 03, 2019  
17 OMS-18-1898 Islanding Detection Method of Distributed Generation Based on Wavenet Mostafa Gholami January 03, 2019  
18 OMS-18-1916 Adaptive Image Dehazing via Improving Dark Channel Prior Faezeh Azari, Hamid Hassanpour, Sekineh Asadi January 03, 2019  
19 OMS-18-1921 Experimental comparison the effect of Mn2O3 and Co3O4 nano additives on the performance and emission of SI gasoline fueled with mixture of ethanol and gasoline Samad Jafarmadar, Mahsa Amirabedi, S. Khalil Arya, Javad Kheyrollahi January 03, 2019  
20 OMS-18-1958 Metallurgical and mechanical behavior of AISI 316 - AISI 304 during friction welding process Ammar JABBAR HASSAN, Taoufik BOUKHAROUBA, Djamel MIROUD, Salah RAMTANI January 03, 2019  
21 OMS-18-1978 Truck Scheduling in a Cross-Docking Terminal by Novel Robust Heuristics Iman Seyedi, Maryam Hamedi, Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam January 03, 2019  
22 OMS-18-1989 Enhancing Performance of Infill Masonry With Skin reinforcement Subjected To Cyclic Load S Vincent Jebadurai, Tensing D, C Freeda Christy January 03, 2019  
23 OMS-18-1992 Further study of adsorption of crude oils onto acetylated corn silk and its kinetics and equilibrium isotherm Robabeh Asadpour, Nasiman B Sapari, Mohamed Hasnain Isa, Saeid Kakooei January 03, 2019  
24 OMS-18-104 A hybrid FMCDM model based on fuzzy DEMATEL with fuzzy ANP and ISM for prioritizing LARG Supply Chain Practices Abdol Hamid Safaei Ghadikolaei, Zeinolabedin Akbarzadeh, Mehrdad Madhoushi, Hasanali Aghajani April 26, 2018  
25 OMS-18-238 The application of ground penetrating radar on coal-rock interface detection Xin Wang, Lei Zhang, Kai Zhang April 26, 2018  
26 OMS-17-2079 Prediction of Shear Wave Velocity Profile Using GMDH Type Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithm Omolbanin Ataee, Naser Hafezi Moghaddas, Gholam Reza Lashkaripour, Mehdi Jabbari Nooghabi March 09, 2018  
27 OMS-17-163 Multi-precision Integer Multiplication for Cryptosystem Jitendra Tembhurne, Shailesh Sathe March 08, 2018  
28 OMS-17-1803 Effect of Thermal Process on Properties of 13X Zeolite Agglomeration by Organic Binders and Their CO2 Adsorption Mahsa Aghaei, Mansoor Anbia, Amir Hossein Hosseiny February 08, 2018  
29 OMS-17-1209 Research on Dynamic Stiffness of Integrated Squirrel-Cage Supporting Ball Bearing Wanjia Li, Sier Deng, Jinghua Wang, Wenhu Zhang January 31, 2018  

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