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1 OMS-18-2216 Seismic behavior of asymmetric two-story X-braced frames Seyedsina Seyedjafari Olia, Hamed Saffari, Ali Fakhraddini March 09, 2019  
2 OMS-18-595 Reversible Logic Multipliers: Novel Low-Cost Parity-Preserving Designs Mojtaba Valinataj, Jazayeri Jazayeri, Farshid Eslami Chalandar March 07, 2019  
3 OMS-18-772 Numerical Hydrodynamic Performance of the Stepped Planing Vessel and Its Step Height Effect Hassan Ghassemi, Hadi Nourghassemi, Hamidreza Taghva March 07, 2019  
4 OMS-18-1243 Dual-band, Dynamically Tunable Plasmonic Metamaterial Absorbers Based on Graphene for Terahertz Frequencies Saughar Jarchi, Jalil Rashed-Mohassel March 07, 2019  
5 OMS-18-1453 Modeling of A Single Turn Pulsating Heat Pipe Based on Flow boiling and Condensation Phenomena Farrokh Mobadersani, Samad Jafarmadar, Araz Rezavand Hesari March 07, 2019  
6 OMS-18-1541 Fluoride precipitation of Cu over Fe in a selected pH window S.K. Sadrnezhaad, S.E. Rezaei March 07, 2019  
7 OMS-18-1547 Experimental, analytical and Numerical Analysis of the Performance of a Two-Stages Gas Gun G. H. Majzoubi, M.H. Ghaed Rahmati March 07, 2019  
8 OMS-18-1564 VDBA based voltage mode FQAM and its Applications Priyanka Gupta, Rajeshwari Pandey March 07, 2019  
9 OMS-18-1616 Mitigation Transformer Inrush Current by Using Modified Transient Current Limiter (MTCL) Morteza Ganji, Mehdi Bigdeli, Davood Azizian March 07, 2019  
10 OMS-18-1736 Mistake proofing cam mechanism through six-sigma process: case study on clothes printing machines Khaled Khader, El-Awady Attia, Omayama Nada March 07, 2019  
11 OMS-18-1786 Digital Binary Phase-Shift Keyed Signal Detector Oleg Chernoyarov, Leila Golpaiegani, A.N. Glushkov, V.P. Lintvinenko, B.V. Matveev March 07, 2019  
12 OMS-18-1841 The Secrecy of Communications in the Data Transmission by the Impulses with the Unknown Moments of Appearance and Disappearance Oleg Chernoyarov, Mehdi Shahmoradian, M. Marcokova, Y.E. Korchagin March 07, 2019  
13 OMS-18-1855 Biodegradability of Poultry Slaughterhouse Wastewater Using Anaerobic Fluid Bed Reactor (AFBR) and Aerobic Mobile-Bed Biological Reactor (MBBR) Fatemeh Ardestani, Milad Abbasi March 07, 2019  
14 OMS-18-1954 Prediction of noise transmission loss and acoustic comfort assessment of a ventilated window using Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) Farid Khalvati, Omid Omidvar March 07, 2019  
15 OMS-18-2072 Investigation of the effect of L-ascorbic acid on class G oil well cement Milad Khajiyan Sheini Pour, Mojtaba Abdideh March 07, 2019  
16 OMS-18-2115 High water permeable polyethersulfone nanofiltration membrane: the effect of air plasma on separation performance Bijan Farokhi, Maryam Rezaei, Zeynab Kiamehr, Seyyed Mohsen Hosseini March 07, 2019  
17 OMS-18-2122 Electrical and mechanical performance of hybrid and non-hybrid Composites Mahmoud El-wazery, Ahmed Elsissy, Ragab Elsad March 07, 2019  
18 OMS-18-2159 Various approaches to thermodynamic optimization of a hybrid METVC+RO desalination system integrated to a gas turbine power plant Seyyed Ehsan Shakib, Majid Amidpour, Alireza Esmaieli, Mehdi Boghrati, Mohammad Mustafa Ghafurian March 07, 2019  
19 OMS-18-2148 Analysis of vibration characteristics of PD control active magnetic bearing & cracked rotor system Zhixian Zhong, Bolong Jiao, Jiayuan Wang, Yixin Liu, Changsheng Zhu March 07, 2019  
20 OMS-18-2160 Influence of Chitin Nanofiber and Rice Husk Ash Additives on Behavior Properties and Pressure Resistance of Soft Clay Soils Mehdi Gharib, Mohammad A. Arjomand, Mahmood R. Abdi, Samad Khaksar, Ali Arefnia March 07, 2019  
21 OMS-18-2171 Sediment remediation using a combination of Microbial Fuel Cell and Electrokinetic Marzie Razavi, Daryoush Yousefi Kebria, A. Ebramihi March 07, 2019  
22 OMS-18-2197 HYREP: A Hybrid Low-Power Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Ghazaleh Kia, Alireza Hassanzadeh March 07, 2019  
23 OMS-18-2201 Transmission Electron Microscopy Sample Preparation of INCONEL 738 Nickel-Base Superalloy F. Hesari, M Moradi Alborzi, Fatemeh Sadat Torknik March 07, 2019  
24 OMS-18-2223 Improvement of die corner filling of stepped tubes using warm hybrid forming Ali Taheri Ahangar, M. Bakhshi Jooybari, S. J. Hosseeini Pour, A. H. Gorji March 07, 2019  
25 OMS-18-2224 Coordinated Control of DFIG Virtual Inertia and Power System Oscillation Damping Using Fuzzy Logic A. M. Ranjbar, Alireza Solat, Babak Mozafari March 07, 2019  
26 OMS-19-117 Prediction of Seismic Wave intensity generated by Bench Blasting using intelligence committee machines Yousuf Azimi March 07, 2019  
27 OMS-19-115 Statistical Prediction of Probable Seismic Hazard Zonation of Iran Using Self-Organized Artificial Intelligence Model Abbas Sivandi-Pour, Ehsan Noroozinejad Farsangi March 07, 2019  
28 OMS-19-142 A Simple Approach to Predict the Shear Capacity and Failure Mode of Fix-ended RC Deep Beams based on Experimental Study Abolfazl Arabzadeh, Rouhollah Hizaji March 07, 2019  
29 OMS-19-166 Calcium Fructoborate Nanoparticles: Plant-Based Carrier Boron as Potential Medicine for Neutron Cancer Therapy Ghasem Najafpour, Faeqeh Pirouz, Mohsen Jahanshahi, M. Sharifzadeh March 07, 2019  
30 OMS-19-171 Numerical Simulation of Seepage Flow through Dam Foundation Using SPH Method Ehsan Fadaei-Kermani, Saeed Shojaee, Rasoul Memarzadeh March 07, 2019  
31 OMS-19-175 Low-Cost Vector Network Analyzer for Biomedical Applications Emine AVŞAR AYDIN March 07, 2019  
32 OMS-19-203 Study of the operating temperature of diamond core drills Vladimir Gorelikov, Yuri Lykov, Lev Gorshkov, Alexander Uspechov March 07, 2019  
33 OMS-19-220 Extracting technical specifications of a solar panel type to design a hybrid power plant 10MW Behzad Hajipour, Seyedmahmod Hashemynejhad, Hamid Reza Haghgou March 07, 2019  
34 OMS-19-222 Change Point Estimation of the Stationary State in Auto Regressive Moving Average (ARMA) Models, Using Maximum Likelihood Estimation and SVD-based Filtering Reza Sheikhrabori, Majid Amin Nayeri, Mona Ayoubi March 07, 2019  
35 OMS-19-255 Energy and exergy analysis of a new power, heating, oxygen and hydrogen cogeneration cycle based on the Sabalan geothermal wells Mehran Abdolalipouradl, S. Khalil Arya, Samad Jafarmadar March 07, 2019  
36 OMS-19-272 Effect of Antifreeze Admixtures on Cold Weather Concrete Panga Narasimha Reddy March 07, 2019  
37 OMS-18-1835 Design of Generalized Predictive Control for the Stabilizing Loop from a two-axis Gimbal Seeker, Considering Cross-Coupling in Between two Channels Meisam Pirzadeh, A.R. Toloei January 03, 2019  
38 OMS-18-1839 Quaternion-based Finite-time Sliding Mode Controller Design for Attitude Tracking of a Rigid Spacecraft during High-thrust Orbital Maneuver in the Presence of Disturbance Torques A.R. Toloei, Hooman Asgari January 03, 2019  
39 OMS-18-1921 Experimental comparison the effect of Mn2O3 and Co3O4 nano additives on the performance and emission of SI gasoline fueled with mixture of ethanol and gasoline Samad Jafarmadar, Mahsa Amirabedi, S. Khalil Arya, Javad Kheyrollahi January 03, 2019  
40 OMS-18-104 A hybrid FMCDM model based on fuzzy DEMATEL with fuzzy ANP and ISM for prioritizing LARG Supply Chain Practices Abdol Hamid Safaei Ghadikolaei, Zeinolabedin Akbarzadeh, Mehrdad Madhoushi, Hasanali Aghajani April 26, 2018  
41 OMS-17-1224 A new approach applying multi-objective optimization using a Taguchi Fuzzy-based for tourist satisfaction management Meead Mansoursamaei, Ali Hadighi, Nikbakhsh Javadian March 09, 2018  

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