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1 OMS-19-156 A Fault Diagnosis Method for Automaton Based on Morphological Component Analysis and EEMD Liqing Fang, Fei Wang May 08, 2019  
2 OMS-18-1870 Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Air Temperature Distribution Inside a Car Under Solar Load Condition SHYAM KUMAR M B, Bhargava Srusti May 03, 2019  
3 OMS-19-260 Performance of rotating solar still with rotating external reflectors experimentally Mohammad Reza Assari, H. Basirat Tabrizi, Mohsen Parvar, Mahsa Forooghi Nia May 03, 2019  
4 OMS-19-271 Stimulation Behaviour Study on Clay Treated with Ground Granulated Blast Slag and Groundnutshell Ash Manimaran A, Seenu Santhosh , Ravichandran P.T May 03, 2019  
5 OMS-18-290 A Real-time Motion Tracking Wireless System for Upper Limb Exosuit Based on Inertial Measurement Units and Flex Sensors Oscar Avilés Sánchez, Mauricio Mauledoux Monroy, Carlos Rodriguez Guerrero, Steven Pastor, Cindy Rivera May 03, 2019  
6 OMS-18-1395 Air Plasma Sprayed Bond Coat Oxidation Behaviour and its Resistance to Isothermal and Thermal Shock Loading Esmaeil Poursaeidi, Kaveh Torkashvand, Maryam Mohammadi May 03, 2019  
7 OMS-18-502 Optimization of Control System of Petroleum Refinery Isomerization Unit by Plant-Wide Control (PWC) Principles Alireza Fazlali, Vahab Ghaleh Khondabi, Jamal Tavakoli, Mohsen Mahrouei May 03, 2019  
8 OMS-18-1600 Estimation of Punching Load of Concrete Slabs using Data Mining Techniques Yogesh Aggarwal, Paratibha Aggarwal, Parveen Sihag May 03, 2019  
9 OMS-18-1586 Cogging Torque Minimization of Sandwiched Stator Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor using Magnet Notching Technique Amit Patel, Bhavik Suthar May 03, 2019  
10 OMS-18-1631 Evaluating Seismic Effects on a Water Supply Network and Quantifying Post-Earthquake Recovery RAHUL RAY BISWAS May 02, 2019  
11 OMS-18-1674 Close Following Behavior: Estimation of Desired Gap Headway Using Loop Detector Data Jalal Al-Obaedi May 02, 2019  
12 OMS-18-2064 The Energy and Exergy Analysis of Integrated Hydrogen Production System Using High Temperature Steam Electrolysis with Optimized Water Path Gholam Reza Salehi May 02, 2019  
13 OMS-18-1718 Simulation and Experimental Study of Vibration and Noise of Pure Electric Bus Transmission Based on FEM and BEM Yulong Lei, Jianlong Hu, Yao Fu, Zongsheng Liu, Bo Yan May 02, 2019  
14 OMS-18-1729 A Temperature Compensation Voltage Controlled Oscillator Using a CTAT Voltage Reference Mostafa Katebi, Siroos Toofan, Abbas Nasri, Habibollah Zolfkhani May 02, 2019  
15 OMS-18-1948 Monitoring the Built-Up Area Transformation Using Urban Index (UI) and Normalized Difference Built-Up Index (NDBI) Analysis Muhammad Ichsan Ali, Abdul Hasim, Muhammad Raiz Abidin May 02, 2019  
16 OMS-18-1794 Implementation of Optimal Load Balancing Strategy for Hybrid Energy Management System in DC/AC Microgrid with PV and Battery Storage Gavini Venkataramana Sagar May 02, 2019  
17 OMS-18-1962 Design of a high range, high efficiency spread spectrum transmitter for audio communication applications Sina Seifi, H. MiarNaimi May 02, 2019  
18 OMS-18-1979 Effect of Fuzzy Boundaries on the Bearing Capacity of Footings on Two-Layered Clay Davood Azan, Abdolhossein Hadad May 02, 2019  
19 OMS-18-2181 A comprehensive mathematical model for designing an organ transplant supply chain network under uncertainty Masoud Rabbani, Ehsan Talebi May 02, 2019  
20 OMS-18-2220 Power Investigation and Optimization of a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Using Taguchi Approach Parisa Mojaver, Samad Jafarmadar, S. Khalil Arya, Ata Chitsaz May 02, 2019  
21 OMS-19-241 Effect of Alccofine on Mechanical and durability index Properties of Green Concrete Panga Narasimha Reddy, Javed Ahmed Naqash May 02, 2019  
22 OMS-19-312 Experimental study on TGA, XRD and SEM analysis of concrete with ultra-fine slag Panga Narasimha Reddy May 02, 2019  
23 OMS-19-150 An Efficient Target Tracking Algorithm Based on Particle Filter and Genetic Algorithm Somayyeh Sadegh Moghadasi, Neda Faraji May 02, 2019  
24 OMS-19-160 Experimental Study on Brick Using Natural Fibres Arunraj E, S Vincent Jebadurai, Daniel C, Joel Shelton J, Hemalatha G May 02, 2019  
25 OMS-19-186 Influence of the solid phase's fractional composition on the filtration characteristics of the drilling mud Valentin Morenov, Ekaterina Leusheva May 02, 2019  
26 OMS-19-196 Optical analyzer for continuous monitoring of dissolved oxygen in aviation fuel and other non-aqueous media Pavel Melnikov, Alina Kozhukhova, Alina Naumova, Nikolay Yashtulov, Nikolay Zaitsev May 02, 2019  
27 OMS-19-226 Design and Fabrication of a Microwave Weed Killer Device for Weed Control Applications Hadi AliAkbarian, Meysam Behzadi, Saeed Dayyari, Noushin Nezamabadi May 02, 2019  
28 OMS-19-233 Experimental investigation of sinusoidal shape tube during charging and discharging by using phase change materials in triplex-tube heat exchanger Mohammad Reza Assari, H. Basirat Tabrizi, Mohsen Parvar, Mohammad Alkasir Farhani May 02, 2019  
29 OMS-19-248 Control of nozzle flow using microjets at Supersonic Mach Regime Fharookh G M, S. A. Khan May 02, 2019  
30 OMS-19-243 Nitinol Spinal Vertebrae: A Favorable New Substitute S.K. Sadrnezhaad, Mahdis Parsafar, Yasaman Rashtiani, Mohtaram Jadidi May 02, 2019  
31 OMS-19-273 Determination of Shock Standoff Distance for Wedge at Supersonic Flow Avinash Mishra, Ambareen Khan, Nurul Musfirah Mazlan May 02, 2019  
32 OMS-19-282 Design of an Intelligent Controller for Station Keeping, Altitude Control and Path Tracking of a Quadrotor Using Recursive Neural Networks Erfan Khosravian, Hossein Maghsoudi May 02, 2019  
33 OMS-19-313 Influences of Surface Characteristics and Modified Asphalt Binders On Interface Shear Strength Gholam Ali Shafabakhsh, Saeed Ahmadi May 02, 2019  
34 OMS-19-178 A Two-Stage Green Supply Chain Network with a Carbon Emission Price by a Multi-Objective Interior Search Algorithm Navid Torabi, Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, Esmael Najafi, Farhad Hosseinzadeh-Lotfi April 21, 2019  
35 OMS-19-235 Soft Computing-Based New Interval-Valued Pythagorean Triangular Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Group Assessment Method without Aggregation: Application to a Transport Projects Appraisal Mahnaz Aghamohagheghi, S, Mehdi Hashemi, Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam April 21, 2019  
36 OMS-19-185 Biodegradation of polychlorinated biphenyls by Lysinibacillus macrolides and Bacillus firmus isolated from contaminated soil Aryan Samadi, Hadiseh Sharifi, Zahra Ghobadi, S. Yaghmaei April 21, 2019  
37 OMS-19-262 A Robust Approach for a Green Competitive Vehicle Routing Problem Solved by an Improved Differential Evolution Algorithm Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, Mohammad Fallah, Alireza Salamatbakhsh, Mehdi Alinaghian April 21, 2019  
38 OMS-19-310 Performance Improvement of a Slotted Solid Rotor Induction Motor with HTS Coating Milad Niaz Azari April 05, 2019  
39 OMS-18-1547 Experimental, analytical and Numerical Analysis of the Performance of a Two-Stages Gas Gun G. H. Majzoubi, M.H. Ghaed Rahmati March 07, 2019  
40 OMS-18-1616 Mitigation Transformer Inrush Current by Using Modified Transient Current Limiter (MTCL) Morteza Ganji, Mehdi Bigdeli, Davood Azizian March 07, 2019  
41 OMS-18-1845 Experimental Study on Effects of Geotextile Layers on Improving Interaction of Soil-Geogrid in Reinforced Clay with Geocomposite Mohammad Ali Arjomand, Mohammad Mahdi Abedi, Mehdi Gharib March 07, 2019  
42 OMS-18-1855 Biodegradability of Poultry Slaughterhouse Wastewater Using Anaerobic Fluid Bed Reactor (AFBR) and Aerobic Mobile-Bed Biological Reactor (MBBR) Fatemeh Ardestani, Milad Abbasi March 07, 2019  
43 OMS-18-2159 Various approaches to thermodynamic optimization of a hybrid METVC+RO desalination system integrated to a gas turbine power plant Seyyed Ehsan Shakib, Majid Amidpour, Alireza Esmaieli, Mehdi Boghrati, Mohammad Mustafa Ghafurian March 07, 2019  
44 OMS-18-2201 Transmission Electron Microscopy Sample Preparation of INCONEL 738 Nickel-Base Superalloy F. Hesari, M Moradi Alborzi, Fatemeh Sadat Torknik March 07, 2019  
45 OMS-19-203 Study of the operating temperature of diamond core drills Vladimir Gorelikov, Yuri Lykov, Lev Gorshkov, Alexander Uspechov March 07, 2019  
46 OMS-19-222 Change Point Estimation of the Stationary State in Auto Regressive Moving Average (ARMA) Models, Using Maximum Likelihood Estimation and SVD-based Filtering Reza Sheikhrabori, Majid Amin Nayeri, Mona Ayoubi March 07, 2019  
47 OMS-18-1921 Experimental comparison the effect of Mn2O3 and Co3O4 nano additives on the performance and emission of SI gasoline fueled with mixture of ethanol and gasoline Samad Jafarmadar, Mahsa Amirabedi, S. Khalil Arya, Javad Kheyrollahi January 03, 2019  

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