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S. Najafi, S. Dowlati, G. Rezazadeh and S. Azizi
( Received: October 24, 2017 – Accepted: December 21, 2017 )

Abstract    The thermo-elastic damping is a significant dissipation mechanism in high quality factor microstructures. In this paper, thermo-elastic damping of the in-plane vibration of fully clamped rectangular micro-plates has been studied. The governing equation of the micro-plate motion and heat conduction equation were derived. Then, The Galerkin method has been used to solve the coupled heat-displacement equations. Eventually, considering the micro-plate of various materials, the effects of geometrical parameters including the length and width of micro-plate and also ambient temperature on the thermo-elastic damping quality factor have been investigated.


Keywords    In-plane vibration, Thermo-elastic damping, Quality factor, rectangular micro-plate.


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