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I. Syaichurrozi and J. Jayanudin
( Received: July 19, 2017 – Accepted: September 08, 2017 )

Abstract    This study was conducted to investigate the effect of tofu wastewater (TW) addition on the S. platensis growth. The TW addition was varied in range of 0 – 8%v/v. The results showed that the growth rate (μ) of S. platensis at TW addition of 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 %v/v was 0.007, 0.084, 0.074, 0.088, 0.086 mg/L/d respectively. The medium with TW addition of 6%v/v (Carbon:Nitrogen:Phosphorous = 161:17:1; Carbon/Nitrogen = 9.55) was the best medium for biomass production. The growth rate of S. platensis was successfully modeled by using modified Gompertz equation (R2 = 0.93 – 0.98). In prediction through modified Gompertz, the highest maximum biomass (2.17 mg/L) was resulted from medium IV (TW of 6%v/v). Medium IV (TW of 6%v/v); II (TW of 2%v/v); III (TW of 4%v/v) resulted biomass containing the highest protein (66.62%), the highest carbohydrate (61.23%), the highest lipid (19.66%) respectively


Keywords    Carbohydrate, Cultivation, Growth, Protein, Spirulina platensis, Tofu Wastewater


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