IJE TRANSACTIONS A: Basics Vol. 31, No. 10 (October 2018) 566-575   

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T. DEB and A. Siddiqui
( Received: February 26, 2017 – Accepted: January 04, 2018 )

Abstract    The competitive electricity market environment has created many issues for the system operator. Congestion management and voltage security are two such vital issues that affect system stability, security and reliability of a power network. This study investigates the effect of IPFC on voltage profile and power flow in the system. IPFC is a versatile tool that can control power flow and bus voltages in multiple transmission lines and hence has been chosen for purpose of study. The optimal location of IPFC is chosen based on investment cost of IPFC, active power loss in transmission lines and voltage deviation of load buses using improved gravitational search algorithm. The proposed method is compared with gravitational search algorithm and validated on IEEE-57 bus systems. The results reveal significant mitigation of congestion after incorporation IPFC into the power network.Keywords: IPFC, congestion management, heuristic algorithm, loadability enhancement


Keywords    Keywords: IPFC, congestion management, heuristic algorithm, loadability enhancement


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