IJE TRANSACTIONS A: Basics Vol. 20, No. 3 (October 2007) 293-300   

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Mohammad Kamal Ghassem Alaskari

Department of Petroleum Engineering, Petroleum University of Technology
P. O. Box 63431, Ahwaz, Iran

Seyed Jalaladdin Hashemi*

DDepartment of petroleum Engineering, PUT and Islamic Azad University-Ahvaz Branch
Ahvaz, Iran
hashemisg@yahoo.com – hashemi_sg@put.ac.ir

*Corresponding Author
( Received: October 12, 2006 – Accepted in Revised Form: September 13, 2007 )

Abstract    For laterally complex media, it may be more suitable to take a different orientation of thedisplacement vector of Shear-waves. This may change the sign of several imaginary reflections andconversion coefficients to be used in reservoir characterization and AVO (Amplitude Versus Offset)analysis or modeling. In this new convention the positive direction of the displacement vector ofreflected Shear-waves is chosen to the left of ray tangent (in the direction of wave propagation).Therefore, the definition of the displacement vector of shear-waves can be used properly even forvery complicated media. Finally the shear-wave dynamic behavior of a reservoir zone can beillustrated for laterally varying structures in terms of the amplitude variation and phase behavior usingthis new orientation.


Keywords    Shear-Wave, Dynamic Behavior, Two Different Orientations



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